Checkerboard Room
Unforettable Moments at Stettenfels Castle

Checkerboard Room at Stettenfels Castle, Germany

The Checkerboard Room is located on the first floor of the western wing. This room is named for both checkerboard patterns on the parquet flooring. Because of its location between the foyer and the rose garden, this room is ideally suited for receptions. Even for small parties or for gathering before an evening banquet, the checkerboard room provides a fitting environment. The checkerboard room is also practical as conference room.

The capacity of this facility depends on the seating arrangement. See the following table.

seating arrangement capacity
block 16
seat rows 30
parliamentary 20
u-shaped 0
table rows 30
fishbone 0
cubes 30
single tables 0

floor plan first floor

floor plan first floor at Stettenfels Castle