Herzog Hall
Conferences at Stettenfels Castle

Herzog Hall, Stettenfels Castle, Germany

Herzog Hall is located on the first floor of the western wing, directly under Fugger Hall. As the former coach house, this hall offers direct, ground-level entrance to the inner courtyard.

With an area of 112 m2, this room provides space for up to 70 people depending on seating. Compared with Fugger Hall, Herzog Hall is somewhat more rustic, and yet elegant. This room is therefore suitable for a wide range of events from a wedding to a conference.

The capacity of this facility depends on the seating arrangement. See the following table.

seating arrangement capacity
block 24
seat rows 80
parliamentary 30
u-shaped 40
table rows 0
fishbone 60
cubes 50
single tables 60

floor plan Herzog Hall

floor plan Herzog Hall, Stettenfels Castle, Germany